G&P is an airsoft company that originated in Taiwan. They make high quality accesories and attachments, as well as good quality AEGs and spring-powered shotguns. G&P make some unique accesories that are original and made by them.



  • G&P AK Tactical (Fix stock)
  • G&P AK Tactical Combat
  • G&P kracker
  • G&P MRP (S)
  • G&P QRF
  • G&P MOE Carbine
  • G&P M7A1
  • G&P M16A4
  • G&P M4 RAS
  • G&P M4 V.S.B.R.
  • G&P Rapid Fire
  • G&P Fighting Cat
  • G&P Defender
  • G&P M16A3 with M203 (Marine)
  • G&P M16A3 with M203 (Colt)
  • G&P Tank
  • G&P Enforcer
  • G&P SR15 URX
  • G&P SR16 URX
  • G&P MRP Combat L
  • G&P M4 Navy Seal
  • G&P Magpul Battle Rifle
  • G&P M16A1
  • G&P M16VN


  • Long Entry RAS Shotgun (GP-SHG010)
  • M870 Mad Dog Type Shotgun (Shorty) (GP-SHG002S)
  • M870 Original Type Shotgun (Medium) (GP-SHG001M)
  • M870 Original Type Shotgun (Shorty) (GP-SHG001S)
  • M870 RAS Tactical (Medium) (GP-SHG007M)
  • M870 RAS Tactical (Shorty) (GP-SHG007S)
  • M870 RAS w/ SpeedStock (Medium) (GP-SHG005M)
  • M870 RAS w/ SpeedStock (Shorty) (GP-SHG005S)
  • M870 Sheriff (Long) (GP-SHG008)
  • M870 Sheriff (Medium) (GP-SHG009)
  • M870 Tactical Shotgun (Medium) (GP-SHG003)
  • M870 w/ Steel Folding Stock (Long) (GP-SHG004)
  • Magpul M870 (Medium) (GP-SHG006)
  • Short Entry RAS Shotgun (GP-SHG013)
  • Short Entry Shotgun (GP-SHG011)

External Spare Parts And AttachmentsEdit

Spare partsEdit

RIS And HandguardsEdit

  • M14 RAS Kit


  • G&P Marine Stock


  • Knight's Type Silencer
  • Silent Killer Silencer
  • Blackwater Silencer
  • US SOCOM Silencer
  • NSWC Silencer
  • Zombie Killer Silencer
  • Special Forces Silencer


  • M4 Special Edition Metal Body For SEAL Team
  • M4 Blackwater Metal Body
  • M4 Firepig Metal Body
  • M4 Zombie Killer Metal Body
  • M16A4 FN Metal Body (CNC Markings)
  • M4 Special Forces Metal Body
  • M4 LMT Metal Body
  • M4 Skull Frog Metal Body
  • M4 Fighting Cat Metal Body
  • Magpul Type Metal Body

Pistol GripsEdit

  • TD M16 Pistol Grip
  • M4 Storm Pistol Grip
  • G27 Grip
  • I.A Grip
  • M16 Sniper Grip


  • M4 Pmag for GBBR



  • G&P T-1 MIcro AImpoint
  • G&P 30MM Aimpoint
  • G&P ACOG Zoom
  • G&P ELCAN Sight

Vertical gripsEdit

  • G&P Raider Foregrip

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