Guay and Guay (G&G) is an airsoft gun manufacturer based in Taiwan. Founded in 1986 Guay and Guay is known for their high end guns. Among many other models, G&G makes the UMG, a Heckler and Koch UMP airsoft gun, and the British L85.[1]



M4/M16 seriesEdit

  • TR4 MOD 0
  • TR15 Raider
  • TR15 Raider-L
  • TR15 Raider-XL
  • TR15 DST Raider
  • TR15 DST Raider-L
  • TR15 DST Raider-XL
  • TR15 Raider DST L
  • TR16 Carbine
  • TR16 Carbine Light
  • TR16 Ranger
  • TR16 A2 Carbine
  • TR16 A2
  • TR16 A3 Carbine
  • TR16 A3
  • TR16 R4 Carbine
  • TR16 R4 Commando
  • TR16 R4
  • TR16 R5
  • TR16 CRW
  • TR16 CQW
  • TR16 CRW Viper
  • TR16 CRW Cannon

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