Jing gong is also known as Golden Bow. It is a Chinese-based company that sells good quality weapons for relatively low prices. Echo 1 are Jing Gong guns which are rebranded. They build Mpeg-Hi end guns are are moving to focus more on the higher end. Their guns range in price from 100 dollars to 250 dollars.



AR Series RiflesEdit

  • JG HK416
  • JG M16
  • JG M4
  • JG M4 S-System
  • JG M16A4
  • JG M16A1
  • JG M4 Stubby

AK Series RiflesEdit

  • JG Magpul Ak
  • JG Ak Beta Spetsnaz
  • JG Ak-47
  • JG Ak Tactical
  • JG Ak-47S
  • JG Ak-74
  • JG Aks74u

G36 riflesEdit

  • JG G36c
  • JG G36k
  • JG G36 KSK
  • JG G36 W/Bipod
  • JG SL8
  • JG SL9

AUG Rifles

  • JG AUG A-1
  • JG AUG A-2
  • JG AUG A-3
  • JG AUG A-4


  • JG MP5
  • JG MP5 SD6
  • JG MP5 RAS
  • JG MP5 A4
  • JG MP5 A5

P90 SMGEdit

  • JG PS90
  • JG P90

G3 RiflesEdit

  • JG G3SG1
  • JG G3 RAS
  • JG G3A4
  • T3 SAS-G
  • JG G3 A3


  • JG VZ61-Skorpion


M700 RiflesEdit

  • JG BAR-10

External LinksEdit


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